About ME ♥

A 23-year old Filipina. A Novel-bum, Music-ogre, Giant eat-all-you-can enthusiast, Certified Pasta Lover, Outgoing but weak-hearted.  A life observer by day, and a frustrated writer by night. She aspires to share her thoughts with the world. Find her on twitter here:@joanrosXD, and on MyTrendingStories here: MTS-profile

Happy friend. Loves reconciliation.
I am quite studious and a texter-but to few people only. Loves the -ber Months and rainy season. Always pleased with Jolly and McSpaghetti but for me Fries lives sureme. Loves stuffed pizza from Sbarro. Loves pho. Hates Japanese Tofu. Loves coffee. Loves cats and Dogs. Habitual notebook collector-not to mention, even there’s no need to buy one.

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