A Satisfying Massage at  Belle & Beau The Pink House Salon and Spa – Fairview Branch

A week ago I visited my doctor for consultation because I am suffering from excruciating pain both in my upper back and pelvic area. The doctor recommended to conduct urinalysis and X-Ray which both  came negative hence the latter just gave me pain reliever.

The days have passed and the pain did not go away so I think I know the reason why. As a technical writer I spent most of my time sitting in my office station working my ass off for tons of write ups to be finished.  It is not easy. I have to be accurate and efficient enough with all of the papers.  Sometimes targeting the deadline made me overlook the time and the Result?    BACK AND PELVIC PAIN FOR TOO MUCH SITTING.

To ease the pain I decided to pay a visit last night at Belle & Beau The Pink House Salon and Spa located 2 minutes away from our residence. This spa has been there for about a year, I guess. It is well known for having an accommodating staffs and decorated with fancy yet relaxing displays.

My family frequently visited this Belle & Beau The Pink House Salon and Spa  for Full Body Massage, manicure and Pedicure.


They had a new massage therapist named Shiela. I am a constant customer of Belle & Beau and I can say that their services are worth the penny. Honestly, they had a short circuit last night and the lights went off but with my consent I let ‘Ate Shiela’ finished the massage. I choose full body massage anyways.

C’mon let’s not talk about  the price, circumstances and the staff but the SERVICE Ate Shiela rendered to me.  It seems that She has a healing power HAHA! Kidding!


The full body massage was just divine. Soft and relaxing and also soothing sore muscles! The strength applied were quite comfortable, not too forceful or too light on the touch. It just relaxes my entire body! Not too mention I love their hot tea too! It was a great experience! T’was indeed a Satisfying Massage.

The best part? My back and pelvic pain gone.

Kudos! Belle & Beau Spa!!

For more Information, visit  their page at Facebook or contact them at  CP#90328051020





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