Stopover: Burauen, Leyte

Burauen is 43 km ride from Tacloban. It is a first class and biggest municipality located in the central part of Leyte Province which cover 77 barangays. The name “Burauen” evolved from the word “burabod” which means “spring” because Burauen is the fountainhead of several rivers: the big Daguitan and Marabong rivers, the Guinarona and Hibuga rivers that pass through several neighbouring towns, as well as several smaller ones.

The place was duly called “Buraburon” which according to Justice Norberto Lopez Romualdez Sr., is the “multiplicative construction of the word “haru” (spring), which indicates “abundance”. Over the years, the name “Buraburon” (“having many springs”) evolved into “Burawon” and finally into “Burawen”.


The source of livelihood of Burawanon’s include farming and trade/commerce. Palay and coconut are among its major crops. While travelling, I noticed that there are lots of churches, mosque, or place of worship in the place.

One thing I love about Burawanons is their sweet tooth. There are light and heavy Waray sweets. The range of main ingredients varies from coconut, rice, peanuts to the various duma or plantains like Camote, cassava, gabi, talyan and bananas. However, the major delicacies of Burauen are Galletas de Patatas and Bukayo. During our snacks, various delicacies were given to us.  Indeed, Burawanons has a big appetite. It is always their custom to prepare many foods whether there are occasions or not.

I admire their creativity in discovering new delicacies and their hospitality.

Salamat hin duro Burauen!




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