Carpe Diem


The sun has risen!
Carry out the fate that is written.
C’mon, gear up your weapon of charm and be gay,
Don’t be tranquil putrefying with the hasting day.

Enjoy the sip of your coffee,
Utter your affection so gently.
Give a kiss to your ‘Ma and ‘Pa
Tis not just for a drama.

For beauty that blossom yesterday will be withered tomorrow,
So let’s just forget the heartbreaks and sorrows.
Your life is not just behind those papers,
Don’t be rubbish like punkrocks and ravers.

Grab your favorite dress,
Apprise some magnificent stories and poems like Hesse.
Dance with the tune of your life,
Fearlessly rollin’ like a sea waves in liberating strife.

Seize the day, they said,
Because in an instant everything may fade.
For time run so swiftly,
So you better set off and make your life extraordinary.

-Joan R.



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