Bitter Truth or Sugar Coated Lie?

Most of my teen days end up not saying anything if I can’t find something positive or significant thing to say. I find picking up battles with certain people, keeping my thoughts to myself. Maintaining relationships are much more satisfying than setting people off because though they asked for it, I know they didn’t really want to hear the truth.

In life, there’s something that called ‘TRUTH’ and it is associated with hurt, pain, bitter and discomfort. All of us have been bred to believe that we should not hurt anybody’s feelings hence most of us sugarcoat our opinions. O c’mon I know all of us do sugarcoating for some reasons whether we want to spare others’ feelings or maybe because we are afraid to be judged.

As I grow older I chose to hear the bitter truth than to hear the sugarcoated lie. I’d rather learn and grow from the TRUTH than to think everything’s gravy. Think about it: if you try to beat around the bush, the other may be misled, and the other will never be able to hold his/her peace. It is innate for the people to keep on seeking for the truth, in turn, give it back to others.

Truth is like a bitter pill to swallow. So as long as those pill were directed to the right illness it will cure the illness within. I am not saying that we have to be outspoken in every little thing we notice. What I am trying to say is that, we have to tell the truth by conveying it sincerely, carefully with full attention and consideration.

How about you, would you rather sugarcoat things up? Or you wanted to convey it straight?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!




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