Go for a Swim @ Bomod-ok Waterfalls

It’s a nice, leisurely walk with good scenery, but you may want to bring some water, sunglasses, a cap or a hat and sun block considering that the next half of the trek involves a shitload of steps.

Bomod ok falls10

A trek to the Big Falls  is exhausting knee-jerking long walk to reach waterfall despite the trail as mostly descending and will surely will take a few hours.

Bomod ok falls04

We walk past the oldest house in Sagada. They said that no one lives there nowadays.

Out tour guide also show us the Dap-ay, where an open meeting takes place . The dap-ay is made of stone slabs where a bonfire is usually set at its center, it also refers to the group of elders who serve as the governing body in the community.

There is an allocated pathway and series of stone stairs serve as the hiking trail going to Bomod-ok waterfalls. Patience is indeed a virtue and it is best to keep this in mind while hiking towards the waterfall.

Bomod ok falls05

After the knee-jerking long walks, not too far away from the falls you will hear the sound of dropping water. It brings an uplifting feeling.

Bomod ok falls02

You will be keyed up and within minutes, at the far end of a sheer cliff, the beautiful waterfall unfolds. Sprays of water forms mists at the pool.

Bomod ok falls09

Bomod ok falls08

Feeling fresh and energize, we started to climb back up to the jump off.

Bomod ok falls07

Bomod-ok Waterfalls is indeed  a treat that will exudes happiness within your heart.

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4 thoughts on “Go for a Swim @ Bomod-ok Waterfalls

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  4. August 6, 2009 – 11:02 pm Thank you MaeecPtrft!t timing as we are working on listings for someone this week. Hearing your experience will save me worry as to if I have done it correctly and what to expect.I will also make sure he is by his phone before I have them call to verify. I would have never thought of them being that fast. Your making me look smart



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