Spelunking @ Sumaguing Cave

Your Trip to Sagada will never be complete without trying their extreme activities, especially Cave Connection. We had an opportunity to do spelunking in Sumaguing Cave for roughly 3-4 hours. It is said that Sumaguing has the largest chambers among all the caves in Sagada that is why it is famously called “The Big Cave” and houses a lot of amazing rock formations.


This cave is indeed have an awe-inspiring cave system that will simultaneously amaze and test you. Popular for its stunning rock formations and potential for danger, this cave is an absolute must-do for any first-time visitor to Sagada.

Spelunking in Sumaguing Cave may be a lot of fun but it is also dangerous so it must not be attempted without a guide. It’s pitch black and many of the rocks are very slippery.


Losing your balance and hurting yourself is a real possibility but don’t worry the tour guide will assist you and were so skilled in this activity, plus you have an instant photographer (Tour guide were also good in taking pictures. I handed my Nikon to our tour guide and he’s the one took our pictures for the whole trip). Apart from keeping your balance and watching your step, it isn’t the most physically demanding but it does have its challenges.

11233595_10205395322115703_7444966472251718424_oThere is this part in the caves wherein you will have to choose if you are going to climb a steep stone formation to reach the tunnel going towards the exit or you will dip yourself into ice cold water of depth you do not have any idea of.


Some part of the cave has nature-made lagoon, where you can dip yourself in a cold fresh water.


After climbing up and down the big rock, we headed to the most beautiful part of the cave, where some of the popular rock formations can be found.



Having some pics with our new found friends


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