Neglected Treasures

As a requirement in our subject Intrapersonal/Interpersonal Communication, we visited an orphanage. At first, I find it so interesting because I’ve never been visited one. I can’t really describe what the orphanage looks like, at least now I could get a real idea.

The smell, the sounds, and sight of the children just about made me lose myself when I first walked into the orphanage.


We were guided by Mrs.  Caces the executive director of the orphanage we visited. She guided us with the schedules of the kids and what are the tasks we can do. Fortunately, we arrived around 2pm –the time when the kids allowed to play or do whatever they want to. We played with them and the feeling was so amazing. after that, we able to fed them with a soup cooked by the staff. The kids was so amazing you can’t take your eyes with them.

Sandy, Mia, Lemuel, Marvin, Rachelle, Angel, Gemmalyn and Rosalinda. They are only 8 out of 25 children under the custody of Concordia Children’s Services, Inc. The kids were parent less and yet the story of their lives is not the story that they can be proud of—Sandy was found in the hotel, Lemuel was  surrendered by his mother to the PSSC (Philippines Social Science Council) for having no money to pay for the hospital bills. Mia has heart disease and Angel’s mom died of giving birth. Gemmalyn suffers in Global Developmental Delay a— late-bloomer( behavior is for 5 months but she’s  1 year old, and she can’t stand on her own )and the worst Rachelle found in trashcan  while the others has complications.

299148_2276869094399_222913601_n 301998_2276868414382_203489115_n

Kids paint happiness in one’s life.A baby and kids will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for, they are like the beginning of all things, hope, a dream of possibilities but still I wonder why there are some people have the urge to abandoned them.

I find it really hard to visualize, growing up parent less. I could say that it is every child’s worst nightmare to lose his/her parents. Imagine having to survive in this crazy world without having people to guide and support you. The mere presence of a parental figure gives a psychological and emotional security to a child. That is why it is but downright natural for me to sympathize with the little angels of an orphanage. It really made me appreciate how much God has blessed me.



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