“Motivation is What Gets You Started “

Experiences in my college life is extraordinary. I believe that the College life is the time when you must focus all your attention to studies and concentrate on acquiring the best practices to succeed in life after completion of studies. During this time I can also have fun by hanging out with friends, going to a movie, attending dance parties and travelling to beautiful places. Being a college brings us a lot of challenges for incoming students.

Academically, I find college to be much more difficult than highschool. At first, I felt really concerned if I would fit in with the crowd or not. I also thought that college life impacts on the life of the student in some way. Students are concerned with not only their academic success at college, but their social and emotional adjustment as well.  As we have our paper projects and other assignments our life becomes more hectic and we face stress at one time or another. And at those times we need the time management. For me, Time Management is another thing or a toll that we need to survive college.

Truthfully another thing that makes my college life happier is having friends. They were the one who brings color in my life. Laughs, giggles, and jokes are endless whenever they are by my side. They also have a joke to spill in order to draw a smile in my face.

 College life is not just fun; it is important for life . The propensity to join organizations, to participate in extracurricular activities, to engage with others is thought to be a desirable trait well worth encouraging through social pressure.

For all the hardships and triumph , all honors and insults I know that I will look back to the place where I’ve been who trained and feed me with the information that I needed and make me motivated in what I am now. All in all I enjoyed my three years in staying here in Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Sta. Mesa.




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