Friends ♥




FRIENDS – The people who offers their shoulders for you to cry on. The People who may not lift you up but they will not let you down. People who discovers your flaws and yet accept and make you better. People who are not just curious but at the same time concerned to what you really feel.

We don’t know where they came from, we don’t know how the friendship starts and we don’t know when it will end. But what I really know is that having friends is like having you second self. What they feel is what you feel. Problem of one will be the problem of everyone. And snacks of one will be SNACKS of EVERYONE 😀

I find my friends a VIRAL INFECTION, why? It seems that what they think will be my thought and their words is became mine. They also make me smile for no reason. You know stares and glances have meanings and staring at your friends is like having a telepathy that you already know what they really mean. I also treat my friends as the other “ME”. I go where they go, Laugh when they laugh and we ate together. When one of them get hurt it seems that I myself was affected. Sometimes we buy some stuffs together. And the best thing in having friends  is you have someone to share you secrets to.

What I believe is– FRIENDS is a GIFT from God.



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