Secret of Success



Every people have fears. Every people have doubts in every single way. Every people hear negative things about themselves considering that we cannot please everyone. Those very little things change our life and effects us depending on how we deal onto it. It’s either made us stronger and believes in ourselves or worst it will make us doubt on ourselves and live with angst which resulted to failure.

People who live with trust among themselves have reached the success and the beauty within them revealed inside and out. People trust them, adore them, and lean on them for they know that the certain person they believed in conquered and overcome the obstacles he/she had. But of course we should use our confidence in the proper place.

People who live with angst and bitterness in their heart are like prisoners. Prisoners who were supposed to get out but choose not to; they prefer to stay and stuck for what people think about them. They don’t want to get out and explore for a better ‘person’. They limit themselves.

The secret of success is believing and trusting in ourselves for there’s an innate beauty within us, we may not notice that, but there’s a people who will appreciate us as what we are. We may beautiful outside but beauty starts within. If we do have beauty within ourselves everything follows. Be with people who will make you stronger and will support you. More importantly, be with the presence of God who watches you, appreciates you, and believes in you. He sees every single tear that comes down into our eyes and wipes it out. He hears our every single cry and gives us shoulder to cry on. He knows what you need so he provides you all those things. He hears your prayers so he guides you and deliver you to what he had planned for you.




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